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G-TRIBE One of the biggest hip-hop artists to come out of the Dublin scene, G-Tribe has just signed with Mic-A-Blaze Records to star on their upcoming release. Recording is set to start in Galway in early summer. Alexi Duce, Nai Nai, and Phil are rumoured to be featuring on the album as well so it's sure to be a smash hit with hip-hop fans across the country and everywhere.
NAI NAI Nai Nai is the youngest rapper to be working with Mic-A-Blaze Records. With fast and agile rhymes she's a force to be reckoned with on the Irish rap scene. A talented writer with a powerful voice she brings a lot to the mix as well as being able to hold her own on a track. Nai Nai is slated to be featuring on the upcoming Mic-A-Blaze album with G-Tribe, Phil, and Alexi Duce.

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